Why INF club?

Well, first, let me introduce myself…

That’s me, Jas. I’m an INFP and it’s nice to meet you.

Sometime around 2014, I discovered that I was an introvert. I watched Susan Cain’s TED Talk and the rest was history. Since then, I’ve run a number of blogs for introverts.

I’ve realised that INFPs and INFJs are particularly interesting, and seem to be a fairly unique subset under the introvert umbrella.

Why? I think it’s because we are both introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs) -> more on that over here.

Here at INF club, you can find:

1. stories
read interviews & listen to podcast conversations with INFPs and INFJs
-> here’s an example

2. a community
take part in discussions with INFPs and INFJS
-> here’s example

3. articles + tidbits
find my personal pieces & INF-friendly tidbits
-> here’s an example

👥 Subscribers
-> At this time, free subscribers have access to my personal pieces and written INF interviews (with INFPs and INFJs) each week.

-> As a premium subscriber, you have access to all weekly interviews (audio and written), and regular discussion threads. It costs just $6 a month (just a couple of ☕️’s), or $60 for the year.

I hope you join our community, we’d love to have you here.

See you on the other side! 👋