Why INF club?

Well, I’m an INFP. I’ve found that it’s my introversion (I) and high sensitivity (NF) which come together to make me an ‘INF’ type. (more on that over here, btw).

It turns out that us INFs, INFPs and INFJs, are really quite unique and fascinating folks.

👉🏼Also read: welcome to the INF club.

I started INF club because I wanted to inspire & connect with INFPs and INFJs all over the world, through sharing my personal stories - and sharing the stories of other INFs and similar souls.

I have a small and growing list of subscribers, and my hopes are to create a space which feels really helpful and special for INFPs & INFJs, helping us along on our own unique journeys, and connecting with one another along the way.

I’m still working this out, but I have some ideas up my sleeve. Care to join me? :)

You can get a feel for what to expect, by seeing every piece I’ve shared so far, over on the archive.

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Why subscribe to INF club?

Every week, I share my stories, experiences and learnings with you. I also share interviews with fellow INFs (INFPs and INFJs), as well as things like what I’m watching, reading, listening to, singing in the shower, and more!

3 months after starting this blog, I moved to Substack because I wanted to go deeper with my INF readership; I want to share what’s going on for me even more openly, and I want INFPs and INFJs to be able to engage in more conversations, make friends, and connect deeply with one another.

If you’d like to learn, grow and fully embrace your INF-ness, you can do that right here.

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If nothing else, I hope what you find here helps you to feel a little less alone and a lot less ‘different’. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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