Why INF club?

Well, first, let me introduce myself…

That’s me, Jas. I’m an INFP and it’s nice to meet you.

Sometime around 2014, I discovered that I was an introvert. I watched Susan Cain’s TED Talk and the rest was history. Since then, I left my job in the City and have run a number of blogs for introverts, amongst doing a bunch of other stuff. #multi-passionate

To name just a few of those things: tutor, salesperson, content writer, education programme founder, and

The only thing that has remained a constant from 2015 until now, though, is my blogging.

When I eventually discovered I was also a highly sensitive person (HSP), and an INFP, even more started to make sense. Even for an introvert, I had felt a little strange… and it seems that a lot of INFPs and INFJs feel the same way.

I think this is because we are both introverts and highly sensitive people (HSPs). We seem to be able to really feel the energy around us (and within us), and it’s no coincidence that so many HSPs identify as being either an INFP or an INFJ.

In short, it’s this introversion plus intuitiveness which I feel makes us so unique.

Us INF personality types seem to experience similar stuff and particular challenges; from wanting to do work we care about, to being passionate about self-growth, to managing our energy and working on our mental health. And more.

INF club is the community-based resource I wish I’d had a decade ago.

Here, you can find:

read interviews & listen to podcast conversations with INFPs and INFJs
-> here’s an example

find my personal pieces (written/audio) & INF-friendly tidbits
-> here’s an example
-> and here’s another

take part in discussions with INFPs and INFJS
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-> access to the INF Wall, a special directory of INFPs & INFJs

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-> As a member (paid subscriber), you have access to all content, both written and audio (podcast episodes + voicenotes), as well as the community (discussion threads + INF Wall)

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I hope you take some solace in being a part of this community.

It’s the resource I wish I had had 10 years ago.

I hope INF Club helps you feel better understood, accepted, and nourishing to connect with others who are just like you. I hope the Club helps you on your own journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and to become more of exactly who you are supposed to be.

I’ll see you on the other side… ✨


February 2020