an INF interview, thread & voice-note

Hey there, so this week I’d like to introduce you to a new format for the weekly INF club letters. In today’s letter, you can expect to find:

- a voice message from me (Jas)
- an INF interview with one of INF club’s earliest members
- an INF thread where you can ‘break the ice’ and get to meet fellow INFs in the club

Btw, from next week, I’ll be sharing the 1st ever INF podcast conversation where, each week, you’ll get to hear a conversation I have with a fellow INFP or INFJ (and, now and then, a special guest).

But in the meantime, there’s plenty to share this week, so let’s get started…

So, I’d like to introduce myself :)

Well, a little more formally, perhaps. You may have already read a little about me in the blog’s About section Here’s me saying hello, talking about why I started INF club, and what’s coming up in the weeks ahead. You can listen on your computer or from your mobile - just click on the link below:

🗣 a voice message from Jas…

This week’s INF interview

Meet Ilaria, an INFP from the beautiful island of Sardinia:

👥 an interview with Ilaria Alfonsi (INFP)

This week’s INF thread

Do you have any intentions for 2020? Or, have you simply thought about how you’d like to feel?

Get involved in the conversation - or just see what others are saying - over here:

💬 INF thread: 2020 intentions

And a couple more things…

⭐️ It was great to see Lauren Sapala’s The INFJ Revolution on a list of book’s bold introverts should read this decade. Here’s the complete article + list.

⭐️ My friend Rima told me that she did another Vipassana (silent meditation) retreat over the Winter break. It reminded of a great piece she’s written about Vipassana previously -> check it out over here.

⭐️ You may have heard about the forest fires happening across Australia right now. I found an Aboriginal/indigenous take on them really interesting. Read it here.

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