Insightful stories to help INFPs and INFJs grow 🌱

(re)introducing the INF club.

Welcome to the INF club. I’m Jasraj (or, Jas, for short).

(This is the coolest picture of me that’s ever been taken. It was taken in Mykonos. You might see me use this picture a lot).

I’ve been blogging about introversion and high sensitivity since 2015.

I’ve found that my writing resonates so much with fellow INFPs as well as INFJs, because I am both introverted and highly sensitive.

Here on the INF club, I share insightful stories which I hope help INFPs & INFJs on their personal growth journeys.

Would you like to find out more about why I started INF club?
Head over here.

What sorts of ‘stories’ do I write?
Well, they are my own real-time experiences, reflections, and general goings-on. I also like to share good stuff from fellow INFPs and INFJs which I think you might helpful, and I like to interview them from time-to-time, too. (here’s an example)

If you like, you can dive right into the blog.

Thanks for being here, and - if you feel like it - you can also tell your friends.

PS. All of my articles ‘INF club’ articles that were published prior to my moving to Substack have also been uploaded, you can find those on the archive.