episode #10: Edmond Wright Jr. (INFJ) on using freestyle poetry as an emotional outlet


Edmond’s bio:
Edmond Wright Jr. is an INFJ poet creating freestyle poetry as an outlet for his emotions, for over 30 years online and offline. Currently, he is working on a dystopian story and as always, more poetry. Other than poetry, Edmond listens to music, analyzes human interactions, watches SpongBob Squarepants, and sadly responds using cheesy references.

Edmond is an INFJ, and a member of the INF Club community.

What we talk about:
1. Why Edmond writes
2. How his mother got him into writing as a kid
3. Moving to a new city after 7th grade
4. Community college and Edmond's mentor
5. Mental health stuff
6. Music & musical therapy: classical music vs other/"mainstream" music
7. Edmond's poetry blog
8. The INFJ & INFP movement: finding our voice + doing work we care about
9. Intuition

- Edmond’s written interview [INF blog]
- Edmond’s short story: Blunts of a Feather
- A book by David Keirsey: Please Understand Me II

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Twitter | Raw Emotion Dough (poetry blog) | LastFM | INF wall (for members)

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