episode #11: Susan Strasser (INFJ) on teaching, the gig economy, therapy and addictions


Susan’s bio:
Mark Twain said: “Write what you know.” Susan is a Blogger, Memoirist, and Bus Driver living in Frederick, MD. Don't worry, she doesn't blog while she's driving! In addition to her writing adventures, she juggles being a mother, wife, and friend. Keep your eyes peeled for the first volume of her memoir in 2021!

Susan is an INFJ, and a member of the INF Club community.

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What we talk about:
1. Working in the gig economy (and, see #5, it's benefits)
2. Susan's teaching career - "it should come with a warning label for introverts"
3. On the decision to leave teaching behind
4. Myers-Briggs
5. The benefits that have come from working in the gig economy
6. Starting a blog and putting yourself "out there"
7. Influences for Susan's writing
8. Balancing idealism with reality
9. Therapy and 12-step meetings for addiction recovery (and #12)
10. 'Timing' (and 'readiness') when it comes to exploring our personal stuff
11. Needs vs wants, noise, social media & smartphones
12. High-sensitivity and addictions
13. Freedom (vs structure)
14. Marriage-counselling & talking about feelings

- Susan’s written interview (on the INF club blog)
- Dead Poet’s Society
Robin Williams
- Henry David Thoreau

Connect with Susan:
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