episode #14: Leslie McDaniel on using personality typing as a tool for growth


Leslie’s bio:
Leslie is a personal and professional development coach and personality type consultant. She coaches creative and ambitious people to tap the potential of their personality type for the purpose of living a meaningful and well-lived life. She's passionate about bringing greater self-awareness and understanding to the world by helping others view themselves through the lens of their personality type (Myers-Briggs® and Enneagram systems).

Personality type:

What we talk about:
1. Leslie's work as a coach and using personality typology 
2. How Leslie transitioned to running her coaching business
3. Some of the differences between INFJs and INFPs
4. The challenges experienced by INFJs and INFPs, and for INF women
5. Taking time out for ourselves, and people-pleasing
6. How can we engage in self-care? + what Leslie does
7. How can we find our purpose? + Leslie's 'Vision Clarity Course'
8. One thing vs varied interests; jackhammer vs hummingbird
9. Leslie's previous work as a middle-school teacher
10. Some more INFJ vs INFP perspectives & differences in our cognitive functions
11. On 'trusting the process' + leaning into that
12. Why personality typing is so useful as a framework for understanding ourselves - "Personality type labels don't put you in a box, they show you which box you're already in"
13. Leslie's closing advice for INFs: self-care and defining your markers of success -> "what do you really need + what's important to you"

Elizabeth Gilbert: hummingbirds vs jackhammers
Leslie’s ‘Vision Clarity Course’

Connect with Leslie:
Website: https://www.lesliemcdaniel.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/theinfjlife
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesliemcdaniel/

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