episode #9: Bryanna Gary (INFP) on designing her own education + starting a website for writers


Bryanna’s bio:

Bryanna Gary is an aspiring editor in New York finishing up her wacky concentration in ‘The Concept of Otherness in Speculative Fiction’ at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Bryanna founded her websitre, Satyr Central, to be a fun space for writers and a place where writing seen less often in academia (for example: science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror, weird poetry, etcetera) can be found. Bryanna loves writing, reading, and (when she has the energy!) talking someone’s ear off.

Bryanna is an INFP, and a member of the INF Club community.

In today’s episode…
we talk about: daydreaming, the forward-thinking ollege Bryanna goes to where you design your own major, Bryanna’s website Satyr Central - a journal of “weird writing for the delightfully weird reader”, navigating friendships as an introvert & INFP, what Bryanna has found helpful when it’s come to addressing and improving her mental health, and more.

Show notes
1. The joys of expressing herself in writing (vs the spoken word)
2.Moving around a lot through childhood and middle/high school years
3. Maladaptive daydreaming
4. Choosing what to do after high school
5. NYU Gallatin: a forward-thinking college where you make up your own major ("Gallatin students are the weirdest... but also the happiest")
6. The story behind Bryanna's website, Satyr Central - a journal of "weird writing for the delightfully weird reader"
7. Experimenting with growing Satyr Central
8. Navigating socialising and friendships as an introvert/INFP
9. What Bryanna found helpful in addressing & improving her mental health
10. Favourite characters from The Office and Friends

- NYU Gallatin
- Bryanna’s piece on maladaptive daydreaming

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