How I'm trying to stay calm and feel grounded

plus, the *new* INF club podcast and virtual meet-ups for the community.

✏️ how to stay calm and feel grounded, with everything that’s currently going on
🎙 *new* the INF club podcast
👥 virtual meet-ups

Last Sunday, I mentioned what a week it had been.

This week, things have gone up another gear. Here in the UK, we went from working-from-home at the start of the week, to schools and shops closed down by the end of the week.

Whilst I am someone content to be in my own company, the feeling of enforced staying at home is a different story and one that counters one of my highest personal values of freedom.

Of course, it is the same situation for many of my friends in Europe and the USA, and it sounds like every continent is gradually seeing restrictions being put in place.

This will be a testing time for us all, and one where we need to be even more intentional when it comes to managing our self-care and mental health. I have certainly struggled at times this week, so I'll be needing to continue to refer to the piece I've written this week:

✏️ How to stay calm and feel grounded

I've decided to make what was a members-only podcast public, so I'd like to introduce you to episodes 1 & 2 of the INF Club podcast, an introduction to the podcast and the podcast’s very first interview.

Bryn & I talk about identity, travelling, making friends in a new city, quitting her job and changing careers, running a business as an INFJ, her daily routine, and more.

🎙 Listen to episodes #1 (intro) and #2 (Bryn Bonino)
-> Also: read Bryn’s written interview

You can currently listen on Spotify and, by next week, you should be able to listen on other platforms, too.

👥 And, lastly, a note on virtual meet-ups.

This was something I had in mind to introduce later in the year for INFJ and INFP supporters of the Club but I've decided to bring forward with everything that's going on.

Next month, I'll be sharing the details for virtual Mastermind Groups (think small groups of support, accountability & friendship) meeting regularly.

Next week, I am trialling virtual co-working for supporters in Europe and the USA. Find out more about INF Club membership here.

There's an eerie feeling around at the moment, as we all adjust to this new "normal" that we'll have to get used to for several weeks it sounds like.

But by keeping our feet on the ground, and making time for one another, whether that's being more present with your loved ones at home, or reaching out to that friend you've not spoken to in a while (see #6), something tells me we can get through this together.

Be well and stay safe,