Introducing virtual meet-ups for INFJs & INFPs

Hi INFJ & INFP friends,

I've not known anything quite like these last two weeks.

This time last month, I was slowly beginning to prepare to take a mini-leap away from my life in London to travel and live somewhere else for a couple of months (or more). Of course, I've had to breathe, step back and acknowledge that this won't be happening in the foreseeable future.

Many of us will by now have felt the effect of the coronavirus pandemic in some way. Lives, routines and priorities have changed for us all.

I've had to be very conscious when it comes to managing my self-care this week. I've felt an urge to constantly keep checking the news for the latest developments, and have been resisting this urge better at some times than others. (I'll be sharing more on that with you on Sunday, as well as what I've been doing to feel calm and grounded - or at least try - whilst all of this is going on).

One of those things which I'm leaning into at the moment is nourishing conversations. With my family at home, with friends here in London, and with friends further afield.

I've realised that being connected is something which is helping me stay grounded and nourished with everything that's happening around me.

With that in mind, I also wanted to play my part in doing what I can for this INF Club community, whether you're here as a subscriber or as a supporter.

I was intending to introduce these virtual gatherings later in the year, but I have decided to bring them forward.

📢 coming in March & April…

I wanted to share with you some added benefits that are happening this month and next for both subscribers and supporters:

*new* this month (for everyone)


Up until now, I have been sharing INF Club member interviews with supporters only.

I am now opening the INF club podcast to everyone, sharing weekly conversations with INFPs, INFJs and special guests (both inside the Club and outside) that I hope you find nourishing.

You’ll be able to listen more easily too, on your favourite podcast platform.

I'll be writing to you each Sunday as normal, sharing the latest podcast episode and article from the blog.

*new* this month ⭐️for supporters⭐️


I'm experimenting with virtual co-working, initially beginning here in London/Europe (GMT timezone).

Think a mix of "getting work done" with time for some casual chat before + in the middle.

I'll be emailing supporters about this from tomorrow (Friday).

*new* next month ⭐️for supporters⭐️


This was something I intended to start later in the year, but I am bringing virtual masterminds forward.

If you're a supporter, you'll have the opportunity to be matched with a small group of fellow INFJs and INFPs for regular virtual "meets", for support, encouragement, accountability & friendship.

I'm working on this as we speak, and I'll be emailing supporters about this in the next week or two.

Here’s a helpful breakdown to show what you will receive as a subscriber and as a supporter:


From now until March 31st, you can become a supporter for just
$49 for the year, that’s less than $5-a-month.

Wherever you are in the world right now, I hope you stay safe and feel calm in the coming days and weeks.

Much love,