Join me on (my 1st ever) Facebook Live tomorrow?

So, a couple of weeks ago I was on Medium searching for the link to my 1st ever article on there (written in 2015, sheesh) and I noticed a comment at the bottom.

I used to be a member of a community of online entrepreneurs called Fizzle, and I had some recollection of Ria (she went by the name ‘Riley’ at the time), who'd left the kind message.

I realised I'd never responded to her message. Maybe I’d acknowledged it on the Fizzle forums? I couldn’t recall.

Anyway, I managed to find Ria online (I liked the vibe I got from her website), reached out to her and we had a lovely, spontaneous catch-up... nearly 4 years after she’d written to me.

We hit it off, going deep and covering all sorts of ground. I wasn't at all surprised to discover that Ria's an INFP, too. It was so exciting to compare our stories, catch up on the last few years and acknowledge how we’ve both grown and evolved in that time.

And she does these spontaneous FB Lives, and I'm excited to be taking part in one with her tomorrow (Saturday 25th) @ 3pm BST. [timezone converter]

I don't know what we're going to be talking about (Ria says she’ll think of some questions for me, but that she also just likes going with the flow #mykindavibe), but something tells me it's going to be an interesting one.

And, well, it's a conversation between two INFP's... so it's bound to be a good'un, right? ;)

You can join us *live* over on Ria's Facebook page:

It's my 1st ever FB live, and I'm just sending this out to my small group of Club members... I'd love to have some familiar company on there if you can make it :) Ria’s also inviting her peeps, so it should be a fun lil gathering.

If you can’t tell already, I’m really excited about this one!

Whether you can make it or not, I hope you have a lovely, restful weekend. Also, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s monthly newsletter (sheesh, how is April nearly over already?).

Much love,