masterminds + intuition

lots has changed in 3 months...

It's strange to think that 3 months ago (that's like a whole 90 days) the INF Summit was in full flow.

Lots has changed in the world since then, and INF Club has evolved too. There are a bunch of things I've added (both content-wise and community-wise), and the club feels like it’s nicely taking shape.

This week, as club members will know, I launched what feels like the most important piece of the puzzle so far... Mastermind groups. I first came across Masterminds around 5 years ago and let’s just say that they’re pretty special.

Short version: amazing things happen when like-minded people (e.g. INFPs and INFJs) come together in small groups.

For a longer version, and to discover everything the Club now has to offer, here's a video update I recorded this weekend.

And also…

I took part in my first FB Live recently, with Ria Elizabeth. I didn't sleep much the night before in anticipation (true story), and we ended up have an amazing convo and diving into one of my favourite topics, and a *biggie* for INFPs and INFJs… intuition -> A conversation between Ria + Jas.


Happy Sunday,


ps. just a reminder that the Summit episodes are available until the end of May.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - Jim Rohn