May (mini) newsletter

This month's newsletter is short and sweet, mostly because there are a few things happening behind-the-scenes at INF club right now.

You might be aware that the original blog I started last summer has now evolved into a blog, podcast and the beginnings of a community. This was my very first post.

On the one hand, I can't believe it's barely been a year... but then I also can't believe it's only been a year. Time often feels like a weird thing.

This month, I launched mastermind groups for community members. There are currently ~150 of us, and 24 have signed up for a mastermind so far. The idea of a mastermind is to provide an intimate (3-5 person) group of likeminded folks who meet regularly (over video), and support one another as they each move forward on their journey.

There is an emphasis on support, reflection and moving forward (which is my gentler version of saying ‘taking action’; similarly, I prefer to talk about intentions rather than goals). Personally, I've been a part of several masterminds, and I've also helped put others together, so it made good sense to introduce these to the INF club community.

As the ‘curator' of these masterminds, it's my role to match folks into MM groups the best as I can. Really, this involves using my favourite thing, intuition, with the help of 1:1 video calls I’ve been arranging with those who've applied. It's been lovely to have conversations with members I've not yet 'met' face-to-face, and getting to know the community even better. Community is at the heart of INF club, and I’ve been thinking about how to make the community stronger, deepen the connections within it, and make the overall member experience even better…

Speaking of which, I've also been speaking with MM applicants and other members of the community about a couple of things I have planned for the next phase of INF club, and getting their feedback... watch this space :)

Here are the podcast episodes + written interviews that have been published this month. Remember, you can also listen + subscribe to the weekly podcast via your favourite platform:

#8: Lydia Wilmsen on being a highly sensitive entrepreneur

#9: Bryanna Gary on designing her own education + starting a website for writers | Bryanna’s written interview

#10: Edmond Wright Jr. on using freestyle poetry as an emotional outlet | Edmond’s written interview [new]

#11: Susan Strasser on teaching, the gig economy, therapy + addictions | Susan’s written interview

🎙#12 May solo (self-care, part 1)

Other than that, it continues to be hot here in the south of England by our standards (hitting 27°C / 80°F ), and I'm starting to feel pensive as my birthday next week approaches. All in all, moving into my thirties (I'm turning 31) doesn't feel so bad.

See you next time,


PS. This might be the last email you receive from me thru Substack... new horizons await :)

Also, today is the last day to enjoy the Summit episodes. It feels like the end of a little era :( I don’t know what the future holds, but I’d say there’s a reasonable chance of us holding one again.

sent: Sunday, 31st May, AM
from: England

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