(re)introducing INF club... [part 1]

A unique community for INFPs and INFJs.

Welcome to INF club. This week only… you can experience full access to INF club content in a series of 3 newsletters + accompanying videos. Here’s part 1 of 3.

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Well, the INF Summit is now officially over and it was quite the experience.

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions about the Summit coming to an end, but the overwhelming one is gratitude for the almost-2000 people who joined in across the world, and the dozens who reached out to us with kind messages.

The end of the Summit also means that I can get back to normality and return to the swing of things with INF club, which I now have renewed energy for.

If there was any doubt about the need for a place to bring INFPs and INFJs together, the response to the Summit has pretty much removed any of those lingering fragments of doubt.

After this week, I’ll be getting back to the weekly newsletter. But in the meantime…

This week…

Whether you’re new here, or you’ve been following INF club for a while, I wanted to share with you a little bit about my story, why I started INF club, and what you’ll get if you decide to become a member. [membership is re-opening very soon!]

Though I started INF club back last July, it has slowly morphed and evolved. Each month I offer free content, but as a paid member you can enjoy a variety of extra content.

Keep reading to find out what I’ve got planned for INF club members over the coming weeks and months…

In today’s newsletter you’ll find:

1. VIDEO: An introduction to INF club, Part I
2. AUDIO: A podcast conversation with Gennaro Larucci (INFJ)

📺 INF Club: introducing a community for INFPs and INFJs (part 1)

Watch this video in full-screen mode on YouTube -> here.

📞 A conversation with Gennaro Larucci (INFJ)

I recently spoke with Gennaro Larucci, an INFJ from Switzerland. In typical INF-INF fashion, we covered a lot of ground.

👂Listen to our podcast conversation (audio)

👀 Read Gennaro’s written interview

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Gennaro. These are the sorts of conversations I’ll be sharing each month here on INF club, and that you’ll have exclusive access to as a member. You’ll notice that the conversational feel is quite similar to the conversations we recorded for the INF Summit.

PS. As a free subscriber, you’ll have access to monthly written interviews; podcast conversations (like today’s) are available only to members of the INF club community.

Next time…

I’ll be back later in the week, with the 2nd video and showcasing some more of the content you can expect by joining the INF club community as a member.

If you have any questions in the meantime, or would just like to say hello, feel free to hit the ‘reply’ button. I’d love to hear from you.

See you later in the week 👋


Monday, 17th February 2020

Membership re-opens very soon… I’ll be sharing more details with you later in the week :)

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