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Welcome to the INF club, a special community for INFP and INFJ personality types.

Why INFPs and INFJs?
Well, the short version is, us INFs are pretty different and unique compared to other ‘types’ (even other introverts), and a lot of that is down to us being introverts and sensitive (another way of describing our sensitivity is to say we are intuitive).

Why did I started the INF club?
Good question! I discovered I was an introvert and then, soon after, started blogging about me and my introversion and my life experiences. I started doing that in 2015 and have continued to do that, on and off. As I have learnt more about myself, I have realised that much of my me-ness is actually down more to my sensitivity than my introversion, or - rather - a combination of the two.

Which brings me on to the INF formula:

introvert + sensitive (or intuitive) = INF personality type*

PS. It’s not quite as simple as that, we’re a complicated bunch, but that formula is a pretty good summary. (And it’s remarkable just how many ‘highly sensitive folks’ are INFs… in fact, we represent about 80% of the population it looks like… that’s 4 in 5!)

Why should you join the club?
Because I truly believe that, by better understanding and honouring our sensitivity, and our INF-ness, we can make significant improvements in our lives, the ones we need to make, and feel happier. I truly believe this. (So much so that I said that twice).

Okay, I’m totally in…
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the INF club

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