Well, it's been an interesting week.

I don’t remember a week quite like this in my lifetime. The worldwide coronavirus situation is impossible to avoid, but I feel that we need to be careful with how much of this news we are exposing ourselves to - and how much we are feeding our anxiety.

Up until this week, I was largely going about my daily business as usual. I don’t watch or read so much news, a conscious choice, but it’s been difficult not to do of late.

I’ve been trying to stay in my body as much as possible. To stay grounded, and centred, rather than let my mind be fed with all of the fear going around, and other emotions which us INFJs and INFPs seem more prone to absorbing (#HighlySensitive).

I think this tweet sums it up perfectly:

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter, and might take up the opportunity to peek out from behind your keyboard and get involved in today’s Sunday discussion thread, which I’ve made open to all.

Wherever you are right now, do sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s INF Club fix ☕

💬 Sunday discussion thread [open to all]

I’ve decided to open this week discussion thread to everyone. I know a lot of us will be confined to our homes at the moment (or made to feel like we should be), and one of the things which helps me is having nourishing conversations.

So come and share what you’re up to this Sunday… we’re a friendly bunch, and by taking part you’ll only be encouraging someone else to do the same. Let’s get some good convo going here 🙂

💬 thread: what are you up to this Sunday?

📹 Books I was reading 5ish years ago… [video]

I’ve finally started some de-cluttering, and I began with clearing out some books. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the books I’ve decided to part with, many of which I bought 5ish years ago. I wonder if the stuff I’ve been reading might resonate with you?

⭐️ INF Club member interview

This week’s member interview is with INFJ Susan Strasser. Interestingly, Susan hadn’t done the Myers-Briggs test before we chatted, but she since has done and was an INF-type as she had suspected.

For these member interviews, I start with a written interview and then follow up with a podcast conversation for those who’d like to.

Here are Susan’s:

✏️ Member interview: Susan Strasser (INFJ)
🎙 Member podcast: Susan Strasser (INFJ)

And something else…

I read a piece on digital wellbeing that Cat shared on her newsletter, and I resonated with this part in particular:

The first time Jess purposefully went without her phone for a three-day weekend, she says she was forced to face just how dependent she had become. “I’m an introvert at heart,” she says. “What happened was I kept touching my back pocket when I was being introduced to somebody, and I then had this gross realization that I’m cutting off conversations of people I have just met because I’m uncomfortable and I have this sort of get-out-of-jail-free card in my back pocket.”

Read the full piece here.

I’ve actually been doing some of my own digital-detoxing lately, and will soon be sharing a piece on why I’ve stopped using my iPhone and have downgraded my phone. Stayed tuned for that one.

I’ll see you next time,


PS. Here’s some hope + inspiration from Italy, currently in coronavirus lockdown.

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