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Mykonos: Part I

Just yesterday, I got back from my 1st ever guys' trip away.

I had my reservations to say the least. Sharing a room with a group of 4 guys, with long days of going out and partying?

It was bound to be a recipe for exhaustion & frustration; I was picturing myself having to just put up with the holiday, and somehow do my best to survive.

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I needn't have worried, though.

In fact, this trip turned out to be exactly what I needed - and more. I was pleasantly surprised at just how much of a really, really good time I had.

It was a lesson for me not to be so damn negative at the experiences that come my way.

To not be so stubborn and judgemental. Even to get off of my high horse a little bit. Perhaps most of all, to trust the process and make the most of the experiences I go through.

I'll share a few words about the trip itself, and then some reflections/takeaways that I've come away with

Mykonos part I: the trip

So, as expected, Mykonos was beautiful. I mean, it's a Greek island. I'm not sure that we saw a single cloud the whole time. Beautiful beaches, great good, and wow the music.

The vibe was lounging by the beach, or in a beach club, all day.

I let loose a little. Did things the younger me wouldn't have entertained. I did some shisha. I kicked back and relax. I gave myself permission not to write a single word. I engaged in banter and conversation with the guys.

In fairness, these weren't just any guys. It was my younger brother, cousin & older uncle. Guys I know very well. I don't know, I guess I've always just felt a little different and was afraid that I'd somehow feel out of place. I didn't, at all.

It was amazing.

The fresh air, the sand, the sun, the sea. The food. The music. Oh the music. I have a newfound appreciation (love) of house and techno. I heard variations of both types Id never heard before. Music without words is totally my vibe.

And just the people and the whole feel of the place. Everyone is just there to hang out, chill out & have fun.

Granted, Mykonos isn't the cheapest of places. Some of the day/night places attract a certain crowd. There was an Elmer of pretentiousness. Eg. Seated areas with lots of bottles and lots of selfie-taking & Instagram posting.

But leaning into the positives, there were so many of them. (I'm trying to do a lot more of that, btw, leaning into positivity & good vibes in general…)

I was really able to relax. I was given the sort of headspace and reflection time without realising that even what I was getting.

I'll pick one moment that reflects this... I've always over-thought swimming, I can swim but I flap around and over-think the moving and the breathing. I never enjoyed it as a kid.

In the pool one day at one of the Mykonos beach clubs I just lay back, floated, casually kicked and moved my arms to gently propel myself backwards. With ease. Without over-exertion. It was so easy. I felt so relaxed.

I had a great time with the 3 guys. We were expecting a fairly modest single room for the 4 of us, whereas we actually got 2 big rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a big central lounge area. It was perfect.

I was also worried about late nights and drinking.

The kicker here is that I didn't have a drink. I tasted some of my brother's gin & tonic one night. That was it. I think that played a big part on managing my energy and sleep and feeling good.

Though we were up till 3-5am each night (in Mykonos, one eats late and then goes out late, if your restaurant doesn't slowly become more of a bar and the music doesn't become slowly more upbeat).

I was fine. By the last day, I was feeling it a little. 5 days and 4 nights were just about the perfect length. Enough to feel like a holiday and be able to make the most of it, whilst not being too long.

It helped that my uncle and cousin had been there before, and we had the perfect combo of plans vs spontaneity.

Ah, it was perfect.

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