Why I've downgraded to a simpler phone.

+ March summary (episode 4)

from iPhone -> old-school Blackberry

Not long before the world went into lockdown, I was already thinking about changing my relationship with technology and how I could spend less time on digital devices.

I decided to get rid of my iPhone (at the same time the rest of my family were upgrading theirs) and switch to a simpler mobile phone.

Here’s an extract from today’s piece, ✏️Why I’ve downgraded to a simpler phone:

Perhaps most worryingly of all, I had become so used to looking out for messages, for seeking stimulus, whether emails or WhatsApp messages, that I was just constantly checking my phone all.of.the.time.

Here's what it would look like:

*checks phone* responds to messages, might jump on YouTube, absentmindedly jumps onto the internet and heads to bbc.co.uk, heads to Facebook, ooh what about twitter...

*5 mins later... checks phone again* oh, no new messages? Okay, back to youtube, Facebook, BBC news...

*repeat throughout the day*

It made no sense. And it was frightening that I had become a slave to my phone and - as dramatic as it sounds - was slowly become more robotic, numb and less of a living, breathing, human.

Something had to give.

Full article: ✏️Why I’ve downgraded to a simpler phone

🎙 this week’s podcast (episode #4)

This week’s episode is a solo episode with yours truly, giving a ‘March summary’.

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👀 and something else…

Free coaching, for
I connected recently with Beatrice Zornek through a 'Highly Sensitive Person' Facebook group we're both in, and she emailed me last week with the following:

I felt I was called to support during this time of crisis and we’ve started a large initiative with 180 life coaches to offer free support to people who are struggling, by offering pro bono coaching sessions. As an HSP, I know how much these things can affect us and I wanted to share this with you, I’d be happy for you to offer this resource to your community.

These are professionally-trained coaches, providing pro bono (without charge) coaching for a whole bunch of different things. Chances are, if you're seeking support, you'll find someone here who can help you.

You can find the Facebook group here, and check out the database of coaches here.

See you next time 👋


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