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riding the storm, staying grounded + re-orientating
🎙 the podcast + 👥 the Club’s 1st virtual meet-ups
✉️ an invitation to an introvert-friendly virtual gathering (next weekend)
👀 an article, newsletter + book I think you’ll love

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Somehow, we've already gotten to the end of March and here I am bringing you this month's newsletter.

Well, where do I start?

I don't think March 2020 is a month we'll forget too quickly. Just 3 weekends ago (I just checked my calendar, it feels like a lifetime ago now), I was in London with a couple of friends enjoying a Nando's meal.

We'd heard about that virus, but little did we know what the coming days would bring.

I'll be honest, week 1 of lockdown (or, at least, when it was all getting started) was an interesting one for me. My reaction to the fear and anxiety and intensity of it all was to distract myself by giving myself more things to do, thus more time on the laptop, half-pretending to get stuff done, half-checking the news every few minutes.

Then, over the weekend, it felt like I decided that this filling up my plate with things to do, and just anxiously checking the news all of the time wasn't working.

This week, I’ve been taking more of my own ✏️how to stay calm & grounded advice.

I've been journalling, going to the park, being more 'intentional' when it comes to being on my laptop, catching up with friends on video call, and spending time with my family in the evening. I've been on my phone and laptop less, too, more conscious than ever of wasted, unhelpful time I'm spending on these devices.

It feels like this has been a useful time for me to both slow down and make certain changes, both for this current period we are going through but also - it feels like - to take with me once we have gotten through this (because we will) and the world starts to get back to normal.

This week has been exactly what I’ve needed'; I’ve called it a
✏️re-orientation week and, that might well be the theme for the year, given that this situation we're all being faced with looks like it will last for several weeks.

I hope you're doing okay wherever you are right now, and I just wanted to let you know that it is completely fine to be slowing down and doing less right now. I certainly am, and several friends (many of whom are introverts and/or intuitive NFs) are telling me that they're doing the same.

You're doing just fine as you are. Just take it one day a time, and focus on sticking to a basic routine that works for you - whether having lots of structure works for you, or you need just a very light routine at the moment.

Look after yourself, and let's feel hope - even if it’s just a glimmer - as we move into the month of April and the season of Spring.


INF Club news

🎙 the podcast

This month, I launched a public podcast. I'll be sharing interviews with members of INF club, with special guests, and possibly solo-episodes here & there with yours truly.

You can listen to episodes #1, #2 and today’s new episode #3:

🎧 episode 3: Gennaro Larucci (INFJ)
We talk about Myers-Briggs and labels, moving to the other side of the world, performing on stage, going back to study later in life, and much more.

Members can also 👀read Gennaro’s written interview.

You can also now listen on most of your favourite podcast platform ->

👥 virtual meet-ups

This week, I hosted the first ever INF club meet-ups in the form of virtual co-working. We said hello, where we were from, and what we wanted to work on for the next hour... and then we checked back in at the end to see how we got on.

Lots of work got done (accountability is pretty amazing), and members of the Club got to see & speak to one another for the first time.

Thanks to Anja, Berit, Christian, Jim, Michel, Peg, Ritu, Shawna & Tuula for being the first members to take part.

After the success of these, and the feedback I received afterwards, I've decided to host more virtual co-working sessions. If you're an INF Club member, keep an eye on your inbox. Hopefully, you can join us in April :)

Here’s a snapshot from one of our sessions this week:

Some other things…

Leslie's article for INFJs
Healthy expressions of your intuition + feeling

Leslie shares Jung's cognitive functions (there are actually 8, not 4), and with a helpful "car model" diagram. Leslie really knows her stuff when it comes to MBTI and the cognitive functions. (I recently interviewed Leslie for the podcast, I'll be sharing our episode soon).

Amanda Linehan's book + newsletter for INFPs
My friend and INF club member Amanda has released a new book called Productivity for INFPs, along with a new ‘for INFPs’ newsletter. Those who sign-up to the newsletter (free) receive the first 2 sections of the book.

📖Productivity for INFPs (with a short video)
📮Newsletter (for INFPs)

Peg Cheng's newsletter
Another friend and INF club member Peg Cheng has possibly my favourite newsletter of all time. She writes them by hand(!) and usually delivers them in the mail, too, though (due to coronavirus) the latest one was sent on email via PDF. It was SUCH a joy to read.

PS. Peg's new book, Rebel Millionaire, is one I'll be snapping up when it's released.

📮Sign up for Peg’s newsletter - and here’s a glimpse of her latest one.

Mark Pierce’s *free* book
My friend Mark Pierce is giving away the Kindle version of his book, The Creative Wound: Heal Your Broken Heart until next week Thursday, 2nd April. You might recall Mark’s conversation from the INF Summit, since which I firmly added his book to my ‘to read’ list.

I’ve not gotten round to reading it yet, but my friend Lauren Sapala, after she had read the book, wrote “I haven’t read a book that shook me up this much since The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.” Judging by those words, this probably is one not to miss.

🎁 Here are the links (both Amazon) to download your free copy: (UK) | (USA)

And lastly...

✉️ a virtual invitation

I'd like to invite you to an online meet up (this was originally going to be held in London) hosted by myself, Cat Neligan & Andy Mort. You might be familiar with Cat & Andy from their work, or their conversations for the INF Summit.

The idea is that we'll meet on Saturday 4th April, 7pm BST. We'll be using Zoom, and you will be sent the invite to join on the day. You don't need any fancy equipment to join, though it does help to download Zoom in advance (it's free.)

This is going to be a super informal chat, and very much introvert-friendly; using your webcam is optional, as is speaking via audio. There's a chat-box function, which you can use if you prefer.

👉 To join, just pop your email address in here, or reply to this email saying "yes" :)

It should be both fun & nourishing, so I hope you'll think about joining us. You can also use this handy timezone converter to help you mark it in your calendar.

PS. If you registered for the INF Summit, you might recall that all episodes were being kept available until mid-April. Given these interesting times we are living in, Lauren & I have decided to keep these up for longer, until May 31st. You'll find them all here, and the password you'll need is: intuitives

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