👥 an interview with Bryn Bonino, INFJ (written + podcast)

👥 This week’s INF interview

I am delighted to bring you this week’s interview with Bryn Bonino - and the very first podcast conversation, too.

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Some other things…

⭐️ As someone who hit my 30s last year, I could relate to one of Sarah Kuhn’s piece over on the INFJ Woman blog -> An INFJ That’s All Grown Up, But Not Really. Anyone else?

⭐️ Sensitive Evolution’s2020 empowerment guide’ - a series of articles, written by a different contributor. I found out via my INFP friend, Ritu, who wrote a piece for the guide -> Setting Boundaries For Responsive, Sensitive People.

And lastly…

⭐️ Author and Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has previously revealed on Twitter that she’s an INFJ!

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