A conversation with Rebekah Mallory

A written interview & podcast recording

First off, I’ve been having a tricky time with Substack lately and the fiddling required re: making posts available to members-only vs everyone. I managed to do that with my Blackberry -> iPhone post, and then… last week’s podcast conversation with Katherine Turner was mistakenly uploaded as members-only; I’ve now rectified this -> here it is.

Today, I’m delighted to share my ✏️written interview and 🎙podcast conversation with Rebekah Mallory.

Rebekah was one of the first members of the community I recorded a conversation with (we recorded this back in January), and I’m pleased to now share our conversation with Rebekah’s permission (which was initially kept within the community) - as well as her original written interview - on the public podcast.

To provide some more context, I invite podcast guests to first take part in a written interview, before following up with a recorded conversation. It’s a process which seems to work quite nicely.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Rebekah, and I’d encourage you to read her written interview first, if you can.

Rebekah Mallory

In her own words… Rebekah is an INFJ, cult surviving writer. Having experienced mind control for most of her life, her upcoming memoir gives the reader a taste of what life was like being raised by Deaf parents in a doomsday cult. As a result of her upbringing, Rebekah tends to lean a bit on the dark side...unless her dogs are around.

Rebekah is also a member of the INF Club community.

✏️ Read: Rebekah’s written interview

We talk about Eminem, INFJ & INFP characters on TV, growing up with Deaf parents, Star Wars… and much more.

🎙Listen now: a conversation with Rebekah Mallory (episode 6)

Connect with Rebekah:
website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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PS. for the 2nd week in a row, I’ve mistakenly uploaded an article as members-only (doh!). In case you missed it, here’s my conversation with Katherine Turner.

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