February newsletter

Last month's round-up...

Well, somehow, both January and February are now over and we’re into March. How did that happen?

INF Club took a backseat in February, as I was in the midst of the INF Summit, a project that finally came to fruition after weeks and months in the making. I’ll almost certainly be reflecting on the whole experience somewhere down the line, but today I’m pleased to officially get going with INF Club again, and the new content outline I’ve come up with.

Here’s the February newsletter.

an INF interview

Earlier in the month, I shared an interview with Gennaro Larucci (INFJ) from Switzerland, Europe. In case you missed it, here it is.

🎙 PODCAST: a conversation with Gennaro Laruccci (INFJ)
You can find our written interview (a precursor to our podcast conversation) on the above link, too.


An analogy for my sense of happiness and feeling aligned.

I continue to think about what ‘happiness’ looks like for me, and I have begun to realise that there is no one single formula, but rather a number of key components. One of those components is to keep my energy and mood levels in balance, and a sense of feeling grounded and close to my spirit. I wrote about this earlier in the month, after realising that this spirit-level analogy seems to resonate with a lot of us.

✏️ ARTICLE: the spirit-level analogy

This month’s discussions

I’d like to re-introduce a thread I shared at the start of the year, talking about intentions for the year ahead. Whilst the notion of ‘new years’ resolutions’ hasn’t always sat completely well with me, I have realised that it’s useful for me to have intentions to consciously lean into. I’d invite you to share yours in this thread:

💬 INF THREAD: what are your intentions?

And if you’re new, or haven’t as yet, please do introduce yourself in the introductory thread. There are nearly 150 of us here now and it’s pretty exciting to see where in the world everyone else is based :)

💬INF THREAD: let’s make introductions

The INF Summit

In February, I hosted a virtual Summit for INFPs and INFJs with my friend Lauren Sapala. (Lauren’s books & courses for INFPs and INFJs are amazing, if you haven’t already I’d recommend that you take a look over here -> LaurenSapala.com).

We interviewed 18 friends of ours, the majority of whom were INFPs and INFJs, with a couple of exceptions (ENFJs & INTJs). We had just short of 2,000 people join us from nearly every continent (with the exception of Antarctica).

It was an incredible experience and one I’ll probably be reflecting on more as time goes on. In the meantime, I wanted to share a Voicenote I recorded just 3 days before the Summit opened about how preparations were going, what I was feeling, and other “life stuff” happening for me at the time.

🎙 VOICE-NOTE: the INF summit & wobbles

As a reminder, for those who registered for the Summit before it ended on February 16th, you now have until April 16th to (re)watch/listen to all of the episodes.

I also reflected on how my present-day mornings are vastly different from those I was experiencing 5 years ago. It was useful for me to reflect on just how much has changed, and I have a feeling you’ll be able to relate to what I describe in this one, whatever your ‘morning routine’ (or lack of routine) looks like:

🎙 VOICE-NOTE: my 2020 mornings vs 2015

Some other things…

A Myers-Briggs article with a twist…
Put together by INF Club member Bryanna for her Satyr Central publication, I really enjoyed her Myers-Briggs piece… think Divergent meets Myers-Briggs. PS. Look out for a podcast conversation with Bryanna coming soon :)

-> Who Are You In The Core City? Myers-Briggs

JK Rowling
Speaking of fiction and fantasy, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling is an INFJ as revealed by a 2015 tweet. It’s got me thinking… which of the characters from the 7 books might have been INFs?

#RealTalk podcast
My friend and INF Club member Jae Hermann recently started the #RealTalk podcast to go alongside her #RealTalk blog which is one of my favourites.

-> Listen to #RealTalk episode 1
-> All #RealTalk podcast episodes + blog articles

I’m taking a deep breath as I now lean into March. I’m going to enjoy settling back into a calmer rhythm, and I’ve recently re-started (almost)daily journalling which feels so good.

We’re also just 3 weeks away from Spring and, at this time of year, I tend to get the pull to soak up some travel. It’s happening for me already, so we’ll see what happens there… 👣

See you next Sunday,


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